Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Yarn along- pillow case

Well I'm finally able to start some knitting again. We have a ratty old couch that is about ten years old. It needs replacing but that's not in the picture right now, so I decided to knit some new pretty pillow cases. At least something will be new and pretty.

Over the holidays I read Melissa Fay Greene's No Biking in the House without a helmet. I really loved it! Greene had four biological children and then adopted five more, mostly from Ethiopia. Her stories are funny and charming and honest.
I also started The Midwife: a memoir of birth, joy and hard times by Jennifer Worth. The author was a midwife in the 1950s in the working class neighborhoods of London and her stories show how much has changed, as well as how birth and the emotions that go with it stay universal.

Linking with Ginny for lots of knitting and reading enjoyment.

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mama cindy said...

That's a pretty color of yarn. I'm going to see if I can find a copy of that book. The parts you shared with me were hilarious indeed.