Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who they are...

I've said it before but I'll say it again. One of the most amazing things about being a parent is watching my kids show me who they are. Unity has been wearing these colored hair bands on her wrists for weeks now. It's the kind of thing that would never occur to me but when she does it, it makes so much sense. Now she can carry those bands of color with her all day long.

Brixton has an imaginary friend named Huckleman. We first learned about Huckleman when Brixton started singing songs about him. Of course. Now Huckleman hides and plays and sleeps next to Brixton all day long. "Huckleman, Huckleman, all day long."  Unity never really had many imaginary friends so this is a treat for me.

They are always amazing as they teach me more and more about themselves.


grandma cindy said...

So glad you are appreciating this aspect of parenting. It is my experience, and I'm sure it will be yours as well, that your children will continue to do this all their lives. Here's to the special bond we share!

Aunt Kristine said...

Awww... you finally got a Huckle in the house, Polly.