Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekending- snow day

                            I spent most of Friday just pinching myself, trying to believe that I had really passed the test. It still doesn't quite feel real but I am so relieved just the same. We watched the most gorgeous sunset from the front porch, it made even our busy gritty street look awash with wonder.

                          Saturday we were massively busy, running from a birthday party to our incredible rotating date night. The party was at an ice skating rink and Unity had fun once she got the hang of it. For date night we hung out   with Cooper and his fam while Sophie's parents hit a happy hour. I am constantly thankful for this community we've helped create. Sunday morning we woke up to this: see above. It fell softly but steadily all day.   I walked alone to Meeting for Worship, remembering how much I love snow. It is easy to love snow when it only happens once a year, or less. Our city pretty much shuts down whenever it happens so walking outside feels festive and valiant and strangers are greeting each other and kids are sleding down closed off hilly streets.
My own kids are feeling a little sniffly so they stayed in. Unity and I had a mother daughter knitting party, topped off with some hot cocoa. Now they are curled up with Chris watching Mary Poppins. What else is a snow day for?


I realized the morning shot doesn't really do the snow justice, so here's a twilight shot off the back porch.
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grandma cindy said...

Snow is so pretty when all I have to do is look at it in pictures. Although I could love it too in very small doses. Thanks for the double knitting picture. Love it! Also love the one of Chris and Brixton.