Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Field Trip

Line 'em up!

All the children were very well behaved on the bus. Ahem.

and move 'em out!

Today I got to be a parent chaperone on a school field trip. I have to admit it was a little nerve wracking being partly responsible for 22 preschools, 21 of which were not mine. In public. But it all went just great. We had lots of parent volunteers so that was good and two seasoned teachers to lead us along. We took the bus to Seattle Center and saw Frog and Toad, the musical. Which was great and really well performed.

Brixton spent the day with a babysitter and when we got home he told us all about "Brixton's field trip" to the park.

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grandma cindy said...

Field trips! The first of many to be sure. Glad everyone had fun . . . even Brixton!