Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day!

               We are still in the midst of a snow week, which has led to the slowing down and shutting down of almost everything. What do you do with two small kids on a snow day? Well.....

                           You put on a show with all your stuffies.

                                    You have a picnic.

                                          You make new shoes for baby.        

                                                   See her outfit?

                           You look in amazement at our busy street gone silent.

                                      You watch the snow out the window.

You write letters.

And today we get to start all over again. What shall we do to celebrate this snow day?


grandma cindy said...

Dance party! You definitely need a dance party!! Also, videotape a show with the stuffies so I can see it later.

oma said...

we're making muffins and having a tea party over here. and maybe attempting a walk down the block in the ice/snow. and then a lot of book-reading.

i love the new shoes.