Tuesday, January 31, 2012

cleaning closets

So I'm trying not to lose momentum with my decluttering project. Today I started working on a closet in the basement that has tons of camping gear and boxes and also some old clothes of mine. Most of them either don't fit or don't charm me the way the used to. (My high school homecoming dress, for example.) But there's a couple I might keep just for fun.

                                                I found this dress in a thrift store, oh about nine years ago. It's cute! I googled the tag and it looks like it's from the 1960s, so that's fun. I wore it to a couple of parties but it's hard to dance in, there's a few seams I need to repair.
I discovered a self portrait is sort of tricky when you're left handed.

                                             Part of me thinks "Why? Why get all sentimental and keep it when you haven't worn it in five years and the chances of you wearing it again are slim to none?" But, I don't know. It's rare, it's pretty and I don't own a lot of those kind of things.

The vinyl pants are another story. They do not fit anymore and seriously, vinyl pants? But part of me wants to keep them just so I can show them to my kids someday and have them roll their eyes and say "really mom?"
And so now all these clothes are spread out on my bed and I'm trying them on and deciding about keeping them. That counts as cleaning out a closet, right?


mama cindy said...

Love your persistence with the de-cluttering. A picture is worth a thousand words. Now that you've taken the pics, you can pass everything on. And, let me help. Vinyl pants? Really? There. Now you don't have to wait for your kids to say it!

Anonymous said...

OOh, Unity (or Brixton) is going to want those pants don't you think? At least for retro day at school. I was glad that my mom kept some of her cool old clothes for that sort of thing. Not too many Polly, just a few.

Kristine said...

My 2 cents: I gave away MY vinyl pants when I was pregnant with Frankie - they're going to fall apart before one of my kids wants to go to a retro-2000's dance party. Although maybe I should've framed them as a memento of being thin enough to wear vinyl pants? :-)

Uncle Michael said...

Plaid dress is great. Keep it. Loose the vinyl pants before the kids are old enough to understand.

Uncle Michael said...


oma said...

i love the dress--it looks great on you. i think your goal should be to find a place to wear it soon. i'll leave the pants decision to you. :)