Monday, November 14, 2011

on the upswing

So we have spent the past week recovering from a fun little ditty called Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.  It's actually pretty mild and it sounds like almost all kids in preschool get it at some point so I guess it's good we're getting it out of the way.

But Brixton and I have been in the house all of last week, keeping his germs to ourselves. And that has a way of making a parent a little insane. Brixton can very confidently tell you that there are a lot of different kinds of familys, and  show which is his left foot and which is his right, and do the little Pookie dance  because those are the three books he's wanted to read all week long. By Friday I was almost delirious. But, his scabs are leaving and we are just about ready to reenter the world. Hallelujah!


oma said...

oh yucko! another friend's kid had this a few weeks back. glad he's on the mend and you're ready to join society again. josephine and i both have little colds--our 3rd illness in as many weeks. hello, winter germs!

grandma cindy said...

"Hey little Pookie, you're a wonder to see. C'mon little Pookie won't you dance with me?" We read that one a lot in June. Glad he's still enjoying it. Also glad our little pookie is feeling better. Hope you are too!