Thursday, November 10, 2011


We didn't get a chance to measure Brixton on his actual birthday, since we were in SF. But he probably hasn't grown that much in a month, right? Anyway, we've captured it now. He is slightly taller than his sister was at the same age....just a sign of things to come? I can vividly remember when my line on the wall stayed the same height, right when my little brother's was shooting up. And yeah, he's just a wee bit taller than me. Unity better get ready.


grandma cindy said...

I love that you guys have continued this tradition. And, oh yes, I do remember your sadness when your brother shot past you on the chart and then just kept on going. The thing about it though, is that you both turned out to be the perfect heights. I'm sure that will happen for Ms. U. and Mr. B. too!

Uncle Michael said...

Enjoy it now Unity.