Monday, November 28, 2011

Haul out the holly

The dancer and the music man.

So the day after Thanksgiving, I go into the basement and drag up our boxes. Almost all of our Christmas decorations are things from my childhood, made or given to me by friends and family members. It makes setting up the tree extra fun since so many stories come with it. Unity and Brixton had to do some jingle bell dancing, and Unity loves how sparkly everything is and she loved looking at her tiny handprint ornament from when she was a baby. I have to confess, I am starting to really love Christmas. Maybe it's nostalgia for all the years I worked retail holidays selling books. I don't love the pressure and the commercialism but the traditions and the familiarity and passing some of these things on to my own kids, these I love.


grandma cindy said...

Your pictures revive fond memories for me too. I'm not too much in the Christmas spirit yet, but this will help. Thanks.

grandma ann said...

Wow! You are an inspiration. I'm waiting for you for help w/my tree.
I did spend Thanksgiving weekend getting the other stuff out. The tree looks great and the kids are happy.