Monday, January 12, 2015

With love

My Uncle Bob passed away a few days into the new year. When he was born, my grandparents were told to put him in an institution and forget about him. Thankfully they had better ideas.

He loved sweet treats like Coke and candy bars. He always carried a piece of paper in his pocket with his name and his age written on it. He loved handing out the presents, and giving hugs, and bowling. He loved everything Batman, every single thing.

My mom and her sisters grew up with him, and they all became teachers and social workers, they all continued the helping professions. Loving him, knowing him, being his family, it shaped us all.
He was truly loved his whole life long, and isn't that all any of us can ask for?


mama cindy said...

Thank you. That was very sweet.

oma said...

oh, polly. i'm sorry for your family's loss. it sounds like everyone was lucky to have and love and learn from each other.