Sunday, January 18, 2015

Follow the sun

I find myself following the patches of sun these day, enjoy them for however long they are there. My grandparents, who live in Arizona, sent the kids these solar powered toys that dance when there are in sunlight. I wish you could see it, it's kind of surprising how joyful it is to see a plastic toy dancing. But, you know, that's how I feel too. 

Chris bought a tiny computer, called a raspberry pi, and has been showing the kids how to hook it up. It has been a fun project for them, because it's so tiny and stripped down, they can really see how it works. 

Last night, I had the chance to have a great Moms' Night Out with some good friends. We have gone through such stages; from desperately seeking things to do with our babies, to watching each others toddlers for rotating date nights, to have monthly family potlucks. And now this, just the moms and some great tapas, and conversation that flows over all the textures of our lives. We may never have met each other, were it not for the fact that we all had babies between March and May, and showed up looking lost and needing to make some friends who understood that condition. And that random chance has been so good to us and our families over the years. So thankful for this company, through all our many changes. 

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