Friday, January 23, 2015

Here's what we are up to. Legos. All the time.  Unity's been selling Girl Scout Cookies, which is lots of fun. That is a picture of her reading one of my favorite books from childhood, All Of A Kind Family. It's a series about a Jewish immigrant family living in New York  in the early nineteen hundreds.  So good! Unity put the blanket over her head so you just get to look at the book. 

The garden catalogs have been coming. It's a good reminder that Spring is not too far away. Chris and I have to sit down and have a garden planning date. I'm excited. I do like having excuses to be cozy in the winter, and curl up with coffee, books, and rain. ( Brixton took that slightly fuzzy photo of me.)But it's nice to dream about a full growing garden and beach dates too. 

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