Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

Stitch Fix #2. 

So, I gave myself a birthday/mothers' day gift by getting another Stitch Fix.  My review of my first box is here.  I have decided that I really love this service. Maybe it's because both times I've had really good luck. The clothes have been interesting and my style plus a little something new or more, which was my goal. I also feel like this process has helped me figure out more my style and how to find things that work for me and that I like. 

In case you don't know, Stitch Fix works like this: you fill out a questionnaire, with your sizes and style preferences.  They ask about your job, what jewelry you wear, and the type of clothes you'll wear most often. (Work, causal, date night, etc.)  Then, you can schedule a fix, where a stylist picks out things specifically for you and mails them to your house. You have three business days to try things on and send back (free shipping) whatever you don't want to keep.


Here's what I got this time. I had asked for things for spring that did not involve flowers or pastels.  

First and second up: Connie stud button racerback tank and Johnny skinny jeans.

Ok I loved this shirt. I loved the punky studs on it, and it was comfortable. The jeans were good too.
They were a little baggy around my ankles, but I have that problem with all jeans, and they were super comfortable. 

Third up: Cory Tie-Dye drape front cardigan.

So I read the style card before I pulled out the clothes and tried them on. I have to admit when I saw the words "tie-dye" I was a little worried. But you know, I really liked the flow of this, and the black and white tie-dye is more subtle than I was picturing. 

Fourth up: Esten Button-up sleeveless blouse. 

                                     Now, I admit, I would not have pulled this off a rack for myself. I can't tell you the last time I wore pink, excuse me, fuchsia.  But, I did ask for spring things and I really appreciated how this shirt went with the other pieces.

             Fifth up: Gabe striped maxi skirt.

Ok, I love a maxi skirt. I love the length and the comfort. This color, again, is new for me, but I like the brightness of it and again, the way that it goes with the other pieces.

The other thing about Stitch Fix? If you keep all five pieces, they give you a 25% discount. So, that's what I ended up doing. Happy birthday to me.....

But I really did appreciate how my stylist (ok how crazy is it that I'm even saying that?!?) listened to my preferences and also picked out things that could easily be mixed and matched with each other.

I will say too, that when I first signed up I sent them a Pintrest board with not only pictures of clothes that I like, but pictures of a couple of celebrities that I think have similar body types and shall we say attitudes to mine.  I would highly recommend doing something similar if you decide to try it.

Interested? If you use my referral link, I get a $25 credit. So, that's fun. 


Grandma Bette said...

Really like your new spring clothes, and quite becoming on you. YOU'RE LOOKIN' GOOD DEAR GRANDDAUGHTER!
Love you

mama cindy said...

How fun to open up a surprise box of new wardrobe options. You've figured out a great system of getting new clothes and it seems that they have done a good job of figuring out what you would like. I imagine it will get easier every time for them. Have fun wearing your new wardrobe.