Monday, May 12, 2014

Celebrate good times

It has been a full on celebration for the past week. I'm used to sharing my birthday, I've done it my whole life. My birthday has always been sandwiched between my grandma's and my brother's, so when I was little it was always close to a week of celebrations. When I first met Chris and he told me his birthday is the day before my grandma's, I almost fell off my chair. 

Just to add a little twist to this busy time, I managed to injure my calf muscle in Zumba class last Monday night. So, a lot of my week looked like this: 

            It doesn't hurt much, it's mostly just super inconvenient. Chris has been a champ helping me out,
and we joke about how we switched places. He has a new understanding of how hard it is to try and be a caretaker along with all the other responsibilities of house and kids,  and I have a new understanding of how staying in bed all day makes you crazy.

I have some crutches so I can get around a bit. I have to stay off it for another week, and then I can do some physical therapy and start moving forward. So it's really just a small setback.

Unity made me a felt bird in a cage for a Mother's Day/birthday present. 

We had a party weekend, with a party for Chris and I, and then two other birthday parties for friends. 
Whew. It was tons of fun though.

                                                      A sneak peak of a present I got for myself. Stay tuned.

Birthday books! I'm excited. 


oma said...

i didn't realize the extent of your injury! sheesh. take care of it.

i have the wolves book on hold at the library. we'll have to compare notes.

can't wait to hear more about the patterns...

mama cindy said...

Love the felt bird in a cage. Sweet! Glad that you were able to party in spite of the calf muscle. A fine example of mind over matter. Also glad you have all those books to keep you occupied when you rest that muscle.