Wednesday, May 14, 2014

All in a day

So, my calf muscle injury still has me moving a little more slowly than usual. The kids have been pretty understanding so far, but it's still been a challenge for me to entertain a fairly active four year old while staying in bed or on the couch all day.

Here's how we managed.

Legos in bed. Brixton can play Legos for a loooong time. 

                                          Singing in bed. We even made up a song about his toes.

Photos in bed. I also let him text dad, and grandparents and uncle multiple times. Thanks guys!
He really loves those emoticons. 

Books in bed, of course. 

                                                      He was very helpful, bringing me snacks and other things I needed.

                                    It was a gorgeous day, of course (sniffle), so we had some back porch drawing time.

And some indoor shredding. 

And some reading and acting out of Tintin, with which he is mightily obsessed right now. 

It makes for a long day but I do think I'm getting better slowly and I'm already past the halfway point, thank goodness. Really looking forward to ditching the crutches and starting physical therapy. Still, I'm glad for such a good helper to hang with.

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mama cindy said...

You packed a lot into your "quiet" day. Thanks for the pictures of that cutie pie. So glad you are feeling better and that you are getting closer to the time you can start moving around again.