Monday, June 17, 2013


 We don't often go to antique stores in the city. They are full of fancy and delicate and expensive things that just don't make sense for us. But there is a combo fruit stand slash antique barn out in Eastern Washington that we like. They have amazing cherry lemonade. And salt water taffy. And the antiques span the range from  old farmhouse furniture to classic 1980s VHS tapes and everything in between.

Chris decided he wanted to go there for his Father's Day adventure yesterday. So we went and snacked and wandered around. I found this cutting board that reminded me so much of some plates that my grandma used to have hanging in her kitchen. It's the same style of artwork and country wisdom kind of quotes. When I saw it, I was right back in her kitchen eating crackers and playing gin rummy. I love stuff like that.

The kids wanted to buy everything they saw of course, but finally they decided on these plastic horses. They each got one but I could only find one this morning. They chose to spend their own allowance money on them. The funny thing is that I once had the whole collection- back in my horse-obsessed days of my youth. I loved all the Marguerite Henry adventures and it seemed that each book had a plastic horse figure to match. Seriously, I had a whole herd of them in my bedroom. Easier than a real horse I guess.

So it was extra amusing for me to see the kids choose that very thing to buy. Guess I should have saved mine, but then of course they wouldn't have wanted them, right?

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mama cindy said...

I'm glad Chris had a nice Father's Day. It sounds like a very fun way to spend it. And treasures??? Indeed! I'm not surprised that the cutting board made you think of Grandma Rene. Besides the plates you mention, she had that very cutting board hanging on the wall too! (I think Julie has it now.) And the horses? Yeah, I'm glad they love them. Of course I kept all of yours and was thinking about putting them out the next time you come to visit. Now they will definitely be there! Thanks for the memories. I love them as much as you do.