Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garden Update

The garden is coming along. Unity is in a garden camp this week and has been learning all kinds of fun things about medicinal plants. She came home telling me about putting lavender on sprains and making tea out of lemon balm. 

                                              These are Unity's peas. She is proud of how they are doing.

Our spinach is going crazy. Lots of saag paneer in our house these days.

                                              And the cabbage too.

My friend Alisa gave me four bean seeds. This is the only one that took. 

                                       The potatoes are volunteers from our big year o' potato, 2010.
                                     The broccoli is hanging in there despite the onslaught of slug attacks.

                                    Picking berries, always a favorite.

                                       Just a couple cherries. They are hard, since their window of time for
                               pollination is so short.

                                     Blueberries are almost ready...

Raspberries are starting. 

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grandma cindy said...

Beautiful and yummy. What a lovely garden!