Friday, June 14, 2013

the first and the last

                        Hard to believe but it's true, Unity has now completed Kindergarten. Here she is holding the picture she teacher took of her on the first day, which they made into magnets and used for attendance. She looks so tiny in that picture. I guess she kind of was.

This year, wow. When I think of all the ways she's grown it blows my mind. She started out barely able to sound out a word and now she reads Fancy Nancy books comfortably by herself. Same thing for math- she's gone from doing just the basic counting works to doing addition, subtraction, number place, and the beginnings of telling time and counting money. (And speaking of, when did Kindergarten become the new first grade? Sheesh.) It's been such a huge year socially and emotionally as well.
The new friendships, the new building, learning how to interact in a big community of older kids. Despite the occasional inappropriate jump-rope song that made it's way home, we have really enjoyed watching who she is becoming in this new world of hers.

and now, summer. I am so looking forward to just hanging out and going to the library and meeting up with friends and eating breakfast in our pajamas. Summer, here we come.


oma said...

aw, congrats, unity! what a year. and now, bring on the summer.

grandma cindy said...

We are so happy that Unity had a great year in kindergarten. And yes, it is amazing to think of all the ways she has grown. We hope first grade will turn out to be just as wonderful for her.