Monday, June 10, 2013

the bunks

I don't think I've talked about this yet, how we put the bunks together. It's been a gradual  process, first putting the kids in the same room with the beds as singles and now putting them together as bunks. They still can't fall asleep in there at the same time, but that will come (soon I hope.)

I have lots of fond memories of sharing a bunk bed with my brother growing up. We played "radio station" where we sang a song until someone yelled "Switch" and you had to instantly sing a new song. We had stuffed animal fights, throwing them back and forth between the beds. Our bunks were also against the wall and I would slide down the wall until I ended up in his bed. Our parents would come up and tell us to go to sleep and we'd look at them with astonishment- "How did you know we were awake?" They must have had magical hearing we thought.

I might not tell my kids those exact stories, but I did tell them how much I liked having a bunk bed when I was kid, how I used to sing to my brother and when the storms came I told him elephants were bowling and he shouldn't be afraid. There's something about that kid space, the stories they create with each other in the dark when they're supposed to be sleeping.


Megan L said...

I'm sure we will have bunk beds one day! they are a must for any siblings somewhat close together....and we have 2 older girls and 2 younger boys. fun! oh and i cheat on getting them to sleep at the same time. i put on a vhs tape. i know a lot of parents don't want tv esp at bedtime, but i dot really works :)

grandma cindy said...

Looooovvvvvve this! Thanks for the memories and for the pictures of the new version. And remember, you're going to have to let them in there together if you want them to be making their own memories. They will need that awake time together to create their own games. As for your games, my lips are sealed!