Friday, August 24, 2012


Well and now it's her turn to cross the stage. Graduation was full of all the fidgets and fancy and forgotten lyrics that you would expect from a group of 5 year olds.

They cheered for each other and admired each other's flowers. They hugged and chased and stepped on each others toes, while promising to always be friends.

They cleaned out cubbies and checked the lost and found for missing socks and outgrown jackets.

Her teacher told me that this year has been one of her favorite classes. "They are so kind to each other, so compassionate." she said.

She's grown well here. Been listened to and respected. Been challenged and excited. She's come home with bean plants and paintings, and stories about worms.

 She's grown deep tumultuous friendships, with sincere attachment and sibling-like squabbles.

It's been a good place for all of us.
But mostly for her. Which is all I was hoping for when I labored over my piles of applications. I wanted to find a place that would appreciate her, help her grow into herself only more so.
And it has, it did.

Walking across the stage, coming home with a paper certificate and a shiny ribbon metal. Ending one chapter. Turning another page.


grandma cindy said...

Looking at the pictures and reading what you wrote . . . we're a bit teary here. Wish we could have been there too. Glad we had the chance to see her at the school in previous visits. It truly was a find. So glad that Mr. B. will soon get his turn there.

grandma ann said...

What lovely pictures! I was thinking of Unity yesterday and both kids' transition to new experiences. Glad I could experience the graduation vicariously.

oma said...

this is really sweet! i can't wait to hear about kindergarten... thinking of your family and all those transitions you're making.