Sunday, August 05, 2012

August Appreciations part 4

12. Blueberry cornbread muffins. So yum, especially with the tons of sweet juicy berries that are at the farmers market right now.

13. Chris's ability to look at our old doors (that he took off the formerly dank basement closet) and envision a work table. Now he can putter with his scooter parts in ergonomic peace. Gotta love living with an engineer.

14. Unity has branched out with the pattern blocks, and decided she doesn't need patterns. She'll make her own. Love that girl's creativity.

15. Brixton reading to Papa. "and den da wabit, he goed to da house."

16. The gorgeous weather we've been having. Hot,sunny, beachy summer weather. Of course the weather report did say that Seattle summer has now peaked. But we have been soaking it up.

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grandma cindy said...

I am thankful for great pictures and text filled with creativity and love. Especially love the pic of Chris and Brixton!