Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tromping through the tulips

Friday Chris took the day off work and we participated in one of our semi-annual acts of farm tourism, the Tulip Festival. (Oh, the insurance company is helping us out with a rental car, in case you were wondering.) Yes, it's muddy and yes, it's not good for the soil to have the same crop planted year after year but is beautiful.

                                   I just can't resist.
                           There is something about tulips, those bright bowls of color, that rejuvinate me.

                            As Unity said, it's like a sunset on the ground.

We also stopped at the Mt. Vernon street fair and checked out all the fun booths. Came home with this chalkboard made from an old cabinet door. Isn't that cool? I think we're going to find it mighty useful in our kitchen.


grandma cindy said...

The fields of tulips are indeed beautiful. A sunset on the ground? Ms. U. definitely has a way with words too. Glad you got someone to take a picture of the whole family. Very nice! Love the chalkboard too.

grandma ann said...

Really gorgeous!!You can take such great pictures with that camera.
Like the chalkboard, too; such a good (and useful) find. Things seem to be looking up car-wise.

Uncle Michael said...

"Mom, what's leftover mean?"