Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a mid week update

                     It has been quite the week. Monday morning we woke up to find that our car
                    had been stolen, from in front of our house. Chris left it unlocked, so I guess
                    someone just couldn't pass up the opportunity. But it's strange for me to picture
                   my idea of a car thief driving around our old Prius with the car seats bumping
                   Dan Zanes. Even the cop said "Wow, people don't usually steal Priuses."
                   I think the saddest part is that we had a tape deck in that car, and thus a bunch
                   of old irreplaceable mix tapes. (Including one Chris made for me when we had
                   been dating for four months!)

Tap dancing with Thalia.
                               On the good side, we got news of Unity's school assignment for next year.
                               And....we got in to the public Montessori program we were hoping for.
                               I am excited and relieved at this new direction our lives will go for the next
                               six or more years.  We know at least four other kids who will be in the program
                               so that should help with the transition to Kindergarten.

Boogying with Beatrix to Willie Nelson's Christmas album. Yes really.

Between the insurance paperwork and the school chats, we've been having play dates and park days, reading one million books and drawing one million pictures. It's not very warm, sadly, but we are making do with our free time. And last night Chris and I went to see Jeff Mangum. It was a great show and a helpful neighbor lent us their car so we could take the babysitter home.  Riding out those highs and lows.


Freedom Five said...

dang, sorry about your car. our car was broken into last week, but nothing stolen (they didn't want the trash all over the floor i guess). hope yall find good shape.

grandma ann said...

Speaking from experience, I'm surprised that they got the emergency brake disengaged so they could get going....that's a tricky thing to locate and work on that car. Hope the police find the car in okay condition.
Congrat's on the school news!

mama cindy said...

You certainly have your priorities straight. In the midst of the trauma of someone stealing your car, you are focused on the positives of Unity's school assignment, gatherings with friends, creating and spending an evening out with Chris. And it is soooo you that what makes you saddest about the missing car is the loss of those special mixed tapes. Cars can be replaced. Other things are priceless. I'm still holding out hope that you will get it all back.

oma said...

oh oh oh! i'm so sorry about your car! i hope they find it somewhere soon, tapes still there. who wants someone else's sentimental mix tapes? the dan zanes, however... :) what a bummer.

the unity school news is so fantastic! i know how much thought went in to making those prioritizing decisions and i'm so happy for all of you that she's going to be somewhere good. she'll knock their socks off.

see you soon, i hope.