Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sun Sun Sun

                                            When the sun is out, I feel like I can handle anything.

                                    The household chores seem easier somehow.

                                        We can while away the days at the park, and take long walks home.

                                  Growing up in the Mid-West, I never really understood the power
                                  of sunlight. But here, we reach for it, we try and cup it in our hands,
                                  we follow it across the day.
                                  Well, that's what I do. My Northwest born kids sometimes scream and

                                 We linger.


house full of jays said...

Oh yes! I love the power of the sun. We are blessed with much sun (even during our cold, long winter) but when she's hiding, I miss her so.
Glad you are soaking it up. :)

Freedom Five said...

yes! the housework is always easier! the kids are not inside messing everything up :-)

angie said...

Oh love the sun and all it's glory! We had some lovely sun today after a few days of rain.

grandma cindy said...

The sun. Yes. It does make such a difference. I need both its light and its warmth, but I guess you already know that. What's with those kids? Perhaps they need a little time with us at the beach? :)