Friday, April 20, 2012

Special Projects- Spring Break Edition

On Thursday, Unity and Reuben helped Chris take apart an old computer. Chris has been on a big kick lately about women in the sciences, particularly computer science. He read a book called Unlocking the Clubhouse that explains some of the reasons why there are so few women in computer

                               The book mentioned that parents are more likely to encourage their sons to tinker with gadgets than their daughters. Well. That was all he needed.

                         Always the equal oportunist, Chris helped both Unity and Reuben take the whole computer apart and showed them what everything was called and how it worked. The kids especially liked hearing about the motherboard.

Who knows if engineering will be in either of their futures but they had fun knowing they could see the inner workings of a mysterious machine and learn more about it.


grandma cindy said...

Fantastic! . . . . both the activity and the motivation behind doing it!!! Way to go Chris!

Grandma Bette said...

Would Chris be interested in teaching via internet the workings of a computer to a senior, senior female in the Chicagoland area?