Wednesday, October 12, 2011

yarn along- cables

On our road trip I started this scarf which has cables and chart reading, two things I've never done before. I had to rip out the mistakes a few times but now I'm in the groove of it and I really like how it's coming along.

I just finished Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood for my book club. Atwood is always amazing, and this book is a complex and mysterious story of a Victorian murder and the beginnings of psychology.

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HBpencil said...

That scarf looks amazing :) I'm also a fan of Margaret Attwood, I love the way she describes things :)

Becks said...

Wow, theres lots of cables in there for someone who's never knitted them before, not that you could tell. Lovely work.

Anke said...

The scarf looks great! I would have never guessed that it is your first time knitting cables.

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Your scarf is fantastic! I really want to try knitting cables this winter and seeing this is your first time is very encouraging :)

oma said...

i'm impressed, too! bring your knitting along tomorrow and i'll bring mine.