Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Brixton

I'm two!
Happy birthday to our mellow goofy music man, our chatty singer, our Mr B. Even though you've been telling everyone you are now three, please don't rush ahead. I want to enjoy every bit of it.


veronica said...

Happy birthdAy, Brixton Marcel! What a beautiful boy you are. Mellow, goofy, music man! What a great start. Can't wait to see you and your mom and dad and sister. Hopefully soon.
Love to all, Veronica and Rick

grandma cindy said...

Goodness. We had such a fabulous time celebrating Brixton's special day in San Francisco. What a treat it was to have our combined families together for all of the fun! Brixton Marcel is a mellow, goofy, music man. He's aptly named for sure.