Thursday, October 27, 2011

This old house- color and light

The house project is slowing down a bit as we come up against some limits- both temporal and financial. Still, we now have color and light. Big steps for those basement stairs. We choose a warm but light blue for the walls- I think it was called Blue Horizon. I wanted something that would feel open and light in that space. Especially since I am often dragging laundry up and down those stairs. Dan also had the idea to add a skylight. Brilliant! I can already feel the difference it makes being able to see the sky- even when there's not much light outside.


Baby By The Sea said...

Ha. We have the same limits. Our sheetrock bid came back (oh my so high) so we've closed the door on the whole project and are pretending it's all done. We currently cherish how it's closed in and on its way, however stalled.

grandma cindy said...

It's looking good. I think it is fitting, too, that there are raindrops on the skylight!