Monday, September 26, 2011

Unexpected harvest

I went out to the garden to check on our pumpkins, to see how they were coming along. and I found, these two unexpected tomatoes. Understand, this one single tomato plant is a volunteer, an offspring from last summer's one single tomato plant. I noticed it growing and let it be. I didn't even stake the poor thing. I saw a few hard green lumps had developed but I didn't expect them to do much. I walked past them on my way to the pumpkins. And then, today, there they were, red and round and ready. Somehow they did the growing they needed to do, alone and with little encouragement.
And now they're in my kitchen, and I'm the only one who will eat them. What shall I do with two volunteer tomatoes?

1 comment:

grandma cindy said...

The pumpkins are so cute and the tomatoes look delicious. I'd share them with you if you could work that out. :) By the way, Grandma Rene loved tomato sandwiches.