Wednesday, July 27, 2011

yarn along

Joining with Ginny and friends at Small Things for yarn along.

This week I finished my sock and I'm starting it's mate. I discovered Martha Beck and read three of her books in one week. This one, Leaving the Saints was a gripping read about her attempts to move back to her Mormon hometown only to be confronted with old demons from her past. It was compelling! and yes that's Brixton's little hand you see there in the photo.

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mama cindy said...

Congrats on finishing that first sock. I knew you could do it. I have proof! :) I love those four needles. It makes it look complicated and fun at the same time. My project is coming along too. I was working on it in a waiting room today and someone admired it. I ended up giving her the pattern so she could make a copy of it and make one herself!