Thursday, July 28, 2011

a little garden update

So we had a cold spring and an erratic summer and the garden has really been left to itself this year. Amazingly enough, a few things have managed to thrive.

This is the one beet that lived out of many that were planted.
Daisies and lavender, just simple easy beauty.
Almost ready....
One cabbage the slugs haven't destroyed yet.
Boundless rasberries!
Chris doesn't love the calendula cause it goes everywhere but it's so bright and fun.
Three peas and someone had to eat them.
Unity prefers the berries.
A volunteer broccoli plant that showed up by our trash cans. Wow, that was some travel!

1 comment:

grandma cindy said...

Glad to see some things came through for you. We did pretty much ignore the garden for a couple of weeks in June, didn't we? Those berries look great!