Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blueberry Cornbread muffins

We got a ton of fruit from the farmers market this week. While I was looking at the piles and trying to figure out what to make so it wouldn't go bad before we could eat it all, an idea floated into my mind, of blueberry cornbread muffins. You guys have heard of this right? I don't think I made it up cause I am such a paint-by-numbers cook but I didn't have a recipe for it. I combined a recipe for blueberry muffins with the cornbread one, both from the King Arthur Flour Baking book. They turned out great and we ate the last of them for breakfast this morning (meaning they didn't even last 24 hours.)


grandma cindy said...

They look fabulous! I can see why they didn't last.

grandma ann said...

The King Arthur bakery is very well
known for its baking items. Good choice! They look yummy.