Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Berries and bread

So our garden is a little overgrown right now. Chris and I both have the habit of jumping all in when we start a new project. Why have one jar of kombucha going when you could have two? Why have just half your yard dug up and turned into garden when you could do the whole thing? And then the days go on and the project loses it's new luster and the work of it sets in. Anyways the berries coming out of our garden this year are great! Berries don't need a lot of help you see, they just do their thing and then there they are- ready for snacking, or Strawberry Pie. (From the wonderful Pie book) I've also been working on my bread, it's getting easier and we always snarf it down right away.


grandma ann said...

Very nice. They look delicious.

grandma cindy said...

Yummy! Good job. Are those cherries from the farmers' market or Unity's tree?

PKJ said...

They're from Unity's free! Too sour to eat straight so I've baking with them.