Monday, February 24, 2014

Kids at the barre

We are members at the local YMCA, which I love. It's a very friendly, welcoming non-competitive place where we are always running into friends and neighbors. I take a couple of group classes there, including a barre class that's very popular. 

One day last week, when we arrived, I was told that the childcare room was full. I really didn't want to miss my class, so I apologized to the teacher and plopped my kids in a corner of the room with a pile of magazines. 

Well, it didn't take long before the magazines lost their appeal and the kids were watching the class. It's a pretty intense class, but pretty soon they had each grabbed a ball and started following along. 

And now, it's a fun game at home to "do the barre, just like that time in class with Mama."

Just goes to show that the things that sometimes really stress me out in the moment turn out to be great stories in the long view. 

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grandma cindy said...

How nice that the teacher was so understanding. It actually is good for the kids to SEE you exercising, not just hear you talk about it too. And it's great for them to have one more activity to do at home. Win/Win