Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I had a playdate!

When Brixton was born, my younger brother told me "You have to make sure he has his own friends. He can't just hang out with Unity's friends all the time." 

It's good advice and I do try. But this season of life that we're in involves lots of playdates for Unity and fewer for Brixton. He does have friends, both the ones that I've chosen for him and the ones he made himself at preschool, but he often ends up hanging out with the big kids, when they let him.

Brixton and Baird are both the little brothers in their families, and even though they're two years apart, they are great buddies. They played together at the toddler gym and then at our house, and Brixton delighted in saying "You're my friend Baird. We're having a playdate right? Right?" 

To which Baird replied "Yeah!"

It was the first thing he wanted to say at dinner, during tell about your day time.

" I had a playdate!"

I'll have to work on helping him have them more often. 


grandma cindy said...

That's so sweet. I love his enthusiasm for life. Counting the days! :)

grandma ann said...

Baird looks so much older than a year or so ago when I met him at your house. Very cute. I'm glad they get along.