Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekending- the old and the new

This weekend found us busy but satisfied. The kids had fake slumber parties in their new play tent (thanks Aunt Kristine and Uncle Patrick!) Because pretend sleep is so much better than the real thing. 

                                             We danced around at a Caspar Babypants show, and visited with
                                          friends. Then at one point, Unity came up to me and asked me to show her how
                                          to knit.
                                          I've showed her before and she's done it on one of those little wooden
                                          dohickeys, but this time I got out the hot pink size 17 needles and some extra
                                          bulky wool and she got it! She knit about eight rows with some help from me,
                                          but mostly by herself.

                                          Brixton still thinks he's knitting when he grabs a needle and stabs it into a ball of
                                          yarn, but he has to be included of course.

                                        We are a pretty low-technology family but on Friday nights we sometimes have family movie night. That hasn't been going so well, so this Friday we had family Kinect night. There is a very kid-friendly game that involves lots of jumping around and is not scary at all so maybe once a month we will all play it together. We are ok with occasional screen time, after all I would never give up my Downton Abbey, but we want it to be a special treat not an everyday habit. So far we've managed to find a balance that works for us.

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Anonymous said...

what is it about tents and childhood? even kid made tents from cushions and much fun in hiding away.

grandma cindy said...

Love! Love seeing those blankets in use. Love dancing. LOVE that she is knitting. Love the glimpse into your busy weekend. Love!!

Aunt Kristine said...

I'm so glad the kids like the tent! We miss you guys! Frank and Amy have been making a lot of plans about all the sneaking around after lights out the 4 of them will do next time we all get together. :-)