Sunday, January 27, 2013

so fast...

This week went so fast for me. The day off threw me off I think, I was constantly behind. I'm here now though, and we had such a good weekend. 

Friday night I went to see the Les Miserables movie for the second time. (Yes, I'm a nerd.) I love the story and the music so much and this time I could concentrate more on the directing and editing choices which was interesting. 

                                   Chris and Unity have starting seaming a bit on the first part of the dress.

                                   On Saturday I had my final Godly Play training. I really enjoyed learning this
                                method of religious education from an open-ended creative Montessori perspective.
                                Now I have to start assembling materials and planning a program for my Meeting,
                                hopefully for next fall.

                               Also, do you see that other book I'm reading? It's called Far From the Tree by Andrew
                               Solomon and it is fa.cin.a.ting. Seriously, it's so good and interesting and thought
                               provoking. He writes about parents who have children that are vastly different from
                               them in some way- the struggles around identity and illness, the questions of what kinds
                               of support and interventions parents choose and how they never really know if it's the
                               right choice for their child until later. This book is so good.

                                    (  Look Ma, they're clip-ons. )

                                    I was able to rush home after my training to meet up with the Spring Kids potluck,
                                    where we were talking about things like allowances, and volunteering for field trips.
                                    It's so wild to think how much times have changed, it really doesn't feel like it was
                                   all that long ago that we were borrowing baby wipes and sharing nap strategies.

                                  Finished it off with a good Meeting for Worship and then a friend's birthday party.
                                  The weekend got a little more crowded than I meant it to, but it was all good stuff and
                                  I think our week will be a little quieter.

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Grandma Bette said...

Polly dear -
I went to see and enjoyed tremendously Les Miserables. Grandpa and I saw the stage play many years ago. I just may go and see the movie again, I enjoy the music so much. Much love