Saturday, January 12, 2013

and then....

Hey there. Sorry this took so long, I was going to post sooner but I was having technical difficulties with blogger and internet explorer. Thankfully I have live-in help and he found a way around it. (I'm now using blogger and chrome and it seems to be working fine.) 

So here we are in early January, getting back into our routines. I admit that it's been a little bit of a rough transition. I kept forgetting things- the snack bag, the leotard, the end time of the class. But, I think we are getting back into it. 

                                        Here we are, reading in bed on a Saturday morning...

                                                 Unity loves helping with projects, especially ones that involve tools.

                                      Ta Da- it's the new Lego table. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
                               (and don't worry, it only stayed this clean for about three minutes.)

                                    It snowed! For about ten minutes but still. You can see that right?
                                It's proof, it really happened.

                                    Our new stairs, and the snow.
                                           Our old garden, and the snow.

                               Oh and here's what that Lego table looks like in real life. It's a well
                                populated little city with plenty of trucks.

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