Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finding the beat

The new song is starting. It sounds like bells ringing at exactly 8:50am. It has four part harmony.

Huge batch of granola- lasts about a week

It's a more complicated piece than this group has performed before. They have enthusiasm, but it's a little shakey. There are a few notes that go sharp, or flat. At time the piece drags and misses the beat.

Big kid rails on the bed

But it's pulling together. You can start to hear the motif winding through, holding it all together. Each performer is doing their part, adding to the noise that is starting to become something.
Solar mechanics project with Papa

Almost at that moment when it blends together to become something bigger, to become the music.


grandma cindy said...

It's a wonderful song you all are creating. Love your beat. And just ask Michael . . . . it does not have to stay the same through the whole song. Great project that Chris and Unity were working on.

megan a. said...

I love seeing Chris's engineering and programming projects with Unity. That girl is going to have a lot of skills.

oma said...

i've been thinking about granola, too. we need to speed up our breakfast routine and that might be the ticket... you're going to settle into a beautiful rhythm soon.