Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brixton's buddies

When Brixton was born, my younger brother informed me "you need to make sure Brixton has his own friends. He can't just hang out with Unity's friends all the time."
Well Uncle Michael, we're working on it.
How many toddlers can you fit on one couch? Also, how many shots does it take before you get one where they are all looking at the camera? (Eleven)

 At this point there is still a lot of parallel play. When they interact with each other it's to fight over toys. But that's a form of bonding, right?

                   Speaking of bonding....Josephine was pleased to have some time with baby Theo.

                               And Oma was pleased to have some time with one of the twins. (I still can't tell them apart yet!)


oma said...

it was leia! :) (although i didn't know it myself until about 30 minutes in.) thanks for having your camera there.

grandma cindy said...

Looks like Brixton is doing just fine developing his own group of friends to hang with. It's fun that all of you moms are already friends too.

Uncle Michael said...

Yay! Goober patrol.

Baby By The Sea said...

sweet! it always makes me laugh to see a whole bunch of toddlers together.