Wednesday, September 01, 2010

DIY preschool

Hanging out at our neighborhood kid-friendly coffee shop is always great. We met up with Sophie and Cooper and their moms, and also another mom who has three girls. She and I are both at this coffee shop so often with our children in tow that we've become friends by default. On this particular day, the kids were getting loud and it happened to be sunny so we took them across the street to the playground. We looked like our own little preschool!


grandma bette said...

Does our little "sugar plum" ever wear matching shoes and socks? Brixton is getting "so bigggg".
Love to all

grandma ann said...

That shop is such a nice place. I wish that there was such a spot around 1975 in my part of VT. Looks like a fun day. Thanks Cindy for pointing out the shoes/socks/!

grandma cindy said...

Your outings are a good lead up to the real thing. I suspect B will get some good practice in this next year while his sister is really at school.