Sunday, February 01, 2015

I was able to take a writing class at the Hugo House this weekend, which was really helpful and fun. It was nice, although difficult, to carve out some time to talk about writing and strategies. Unity had Friday off for stupid reasons, (budget cuts, in a nutshell. The teachers were supposed to work unpaid and the kids stayed home. Lose, lose.) She went over to a friend's house and hung out. Later we played a bunch of games and when Brixton came home from preschool, they decided to scrub the kitchen floor together. I swear, this was all them. They did quit after about 15 minutes, but some of the tiles are definitely cleaner than they were. 

Unity also decided to sew a little pocket slash bed for her paper doll. I love the ways they find to entertain themselves. Well, except for the ways that involve wrestling with each other on my bed. That I could do without. 

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