Sunday, February 08, 2015

Bringing in the light

We rediscovered these Storm player bobble heads that I hid when she was little and forgot about. 

But I didn't have enough Lego time today- is what he always says when we try to do anything else.

Unity hearts Taylor Swift. I guess it could be worse?

The glow stick prize from the dentist. 

 This week:

Unity got a part in the school play. She's a cat and she's very excited that all her lines will be meowing.

Brixton has had extra time to play with his best bud from school.

I've been working on the jigsaw puzzle that is our summer schedule. It seems wacky to plan so far ahead but this is when the camps start registration, so this is when we do it.

Chris and I have both been getting up at six, so he can run on the treadmill and I can write. It's brutal but it's working.

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