Friday, November 07, 2014

One small day

We recently changed Brixton's schedule so he's now at preschool four days a week. This came on the heels of our parent-teacher conference, when the teacher gently suggested this would help his social life. ( Both of my kids form deep, intense bonds with just one special friend, a practice that has its advantages and its challenges.)

So, we made the change. I realized that even though I love having him home with me, right now he needs the peer group and the interactions from school. And next year he'll be in Kindergarten five days a week, so I guess this is good practice. (Hold me. No, I have no idea what I'm going to do.)

Now that we are down to just one weekday together, it feels that much more precious. I don't want to drag him along on errands. I just want to do fun things together.

Like go to the coffee shop and play with trains. Or build giant Lego structures and listen to all his inventive stories. Or play long meditative games of Monopoly while winding a ball of yarn.

Towards the end of the day, he put on his Halloween costume and we snuggled in bed together. He told me he was going to be my dinosaur and protect me.

I am holding on and savoring these small days.


grandma cindy said...

Oh, yes! Hold on and savor, for sure. This was such a sweet post. Hold on, savor and remember. You will remember these times forever. Your pictures and note took me back many years. And, I will always remember! Love to all of you special people!

oma said...

you are an excellent mom. so glad you can both value and appreciate your days together. it's inspiring.