Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On a boat

Today Brixton and I had a rainy adventure. 

We took the bus downtown to visit a friend of mine who has been working and living at the Center for Wooden Boats. We've hung out during his time in Seattle but at my house or going to plays, never with the boat. He's moving to NYC in less than a week, however, so rain or no rain, we were determined. 

There's a lot of development happening in this part of town. We saw the facade of an old building, with sky and space peeking though, and watched a back hoe for a while. 

The Center for Wooden Boats- isn't it sweet? They are very dedicated to preserving the historical boats themselves, as well as the skills to maintain and sail them. I've never felt strongly about boats one way or the other, I've had some fun boat rides but never been really passionate about them. But these are really beautiful and well crafted, and I can see how someone could get wrapped up in it. 

There was a group of school children out paddling. Gotta love Seattle kids.

Me and Stefan. I'm going to miss my theater, boating, bookish, Quaker friend. 

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