Saturday, October 11, 2014

Finally finished

While on our East Coast trip, I was able to finish a project I've been working on since February. Yes, really. Of course I haven't been consistently working on it that long, there were a few points where I made mistakes and had to rip them out and then take a break for a while. But, here it is, blocked and complete. It was a challenge for me, for sure, but I learned a lot about lace knitting so that's a win. The pattern is Follow Your Arrow by Ysolda and it had a choose your own adventure aspect to it that was really fun. 

Hmm...what to knit next?


Grandma Bette said...

Beautiful knitted article that you will wear often and long.
Great talent and skill!

oma said...

beautiful! i'm very impressed! i remember when you were knitting inside-out-in-the-round. :) you got this done just in time for winter -- it would have been silly to finish in the middle of summer.

mama cindy said...

It is beautiful and looks beautiful on you! I'm so glad you got it blocked and that I got to see it up close and personal. Wear it proudly!!!