Monday, September 08, 2014

So, our weekend was pretty good. We had the last day of swim lessons. The kids have both made big improvements in this area over the summer. Brixton even moved up a level! 

Sunday morning we went to Meeting, and afterwards we had an orientation for the First Day school program that is starting up now. I'm on the committee that organizes the curricula and the volunteer teachers, so this is one of my big projects for the year. It's fun to see it getting started and to have some of that new year energy.

Unity also had a birthday party to attend, and then we went to a coming-of-age gathering for a teen from the Meeting. This teen is very sweet with my kids and they treat her like a celebrity, jumping all over themselves to spend time with her. It was very nice to attending her gathering and hear some wonderful ministry about growing up and the impact that she's had on the people around her. Very inspirational. 

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