Thursday, September 18, 2014

Photo taken by the 11 year old. 

On our long journey home, we made a couple of stops. In New Hampshire we were able to see Chris's cousin Marcia and her family. (No pictures, sorry, I was sadly negligent during our visit.) We were also able to see my college friend Emily and her kids who live in the same town as Marcia. Emily and her family took us to a beautiful lake where the kids were able to play in the sand despite the chilly Atlantic Northeast temperatures. 

The next day we drove to Boston where we were able to have dinner with a bunch of Chris's college friends. It's fun to see that connections made over small things many years ago can endure, despite age and change and distance. 

There were lots more people we wanted to see but the timing and distances didn't work out so sadly we'll have to save those visits for the next trip. 

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