Sunday, March 30, 2014

This weekend

            On Thursday Unity's school had a culture night where families brought food and clothing from their heritage to share. I made my grandma's Irish Soda bread and it came out well. No leftovers.

Chris got to visit with friends who were in town from the East Coast, and to see a show. I went to a training for a new project I'm starting (more on that later) and to a small press book fair. 

The kids spent most of the weekend holed up in their room listening to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, after we banned it from the living room. I think I will never get that song out of my head. They both said that listening to it was their favorite part of the weekend.

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grabdna cindy said...

So glad you made Grandma's soda bread and that it was enjoyed. Glad you and Chris got to hang with friends and glad Unity and Brixton are friends and spent a fun (for them) afternoon together.