Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Signs of Spring

Spring in Seattle is constantly cycling between seasons. One day I grab a hoodie and the next day it's back to the winter coat. Often, I make the wrong decision and find myself shivering at the playground or hauling around my thickest heaviest coat over my arm. 

It's a great time to pull weeds though, since the ground is so soft. Some of my bulbs are blooming even though I haven't planted new ones in a couple years. I love that about them. Delayed release beauty. 

Brixton really wants to help in the garden but gets distracted so easily. He grabs a trowel and starts digging, but then wanders off to find "his garden" which doesn't exist right now and then brings me every worm and bug he finds. 

But still, it's a helper and a bit of sun and an afternoon clearing and making ready. 
For that, I can't complain. 

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grandma cindy said...

Nice to see the hyacinth and the cherry blossoms about to bloom. Yes, you are definitely headed toward spring. Also, I need a helper like that in my garden!